1. Tournaments will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month.
  2. No leaving of the ramp after the team has checked in for a tournament until directed by a tournament director to do so.
  3. No Trailering your BOAT prior to weighing in your fish, unless directed by one of the tournament directors to do so.
  4. Coast Guard approved life preservers MUST BE WORN when your boat is ON PLANE.
  5. The 30 DAY OFF LIMIT before our CLASSIC has been changed to 7 DAYS OFF LIMIT Before the CLASSIC.
  6. There will still be “NO CULLING AT THE RAMP” and Boats will be ALLOWED to only have a 5 FISH LIMIT in their possession during Tournament Hours. If a 6th keeper is caught, it must be either released immediately or added to the Livewell and one of the other keeper’s must be released.
  7. All rules will be enforced as to the interpretation of the Tournament Directors. All protest must be written and presented to a Tournament Director BEFORE the end of weigh-in. All decisions will be final upon announcement.
  8. Violations of any of these rules, along with our already established Club Rules, may be subject to DISQUALIFICATION.

All rules pertaining to St. Pete Pro Bass Cub are voted on by the club members twice a year. Club members may vote to change ANY rule during the June/November annual club meetings. These rules have been established by the members in an effort to see that everyone is given an equal opportunity to compete and win. It is the Director’s responsibility to adhere to the intent of the rules as just mentioned.

  1. The initial membership fee is $50.00 per team, and is divided up as follows:
    1. $40.00 from each joining team is awarded to the winners of the “Classic” in November.
    2. $6.00 from each joining team is awarded to the second place finishers.
    3. $4.00 from each joining team is awarded to the third place finishers.
    4. Each of the teams that finish in the “Classic” money also receive the moneys regularly awarded throughout the year for their respective finishing position (ie. First, Second, Third).

  2. The entry fee is $70.00 per team, per event. This is a team club, therefore the entry fee is $70.00 per event, whether a member fishes with his team partner or by himself.
  3. Club pays back accordingly to the number of teams registered to fish each tournament. The club pays back three places per event in the following order: 65%, 35%, $10/per team. For a reference chart on the actual money amounts paid out in each event click on the "Payout Chart" button from the menu.
  4. $10.00 of each team’s entry fee is applied toward the “BIG BASS” pay back for each tournament. $5.00 of each teams entry fee is applied towards web site maintenance, Angler of the Year trophies, and any monies leftover from the $5.00 will go towards the payout of the Classic.
  5. If a team member quits for the season and the remaining member of the team fishes with a new partner, the new partner must pay a $25.00 membership fee at the point he becomes a club member. This does not include someone fishing as a substitute for a single event. You may have two different substitutes fill in during the year. Each substitute may participate in two events during a single season before he must join as a full time member/partner.
  6. Winners are selected by weight first, number of fish caught second, and by heaviest fish third. If two or more teams remain tied, the allotted money for the finishing positions will be combined and split evenly between the teams involved.
  7. Fish will be measured on a “golden rule” with the mouth closed and touching the end bar.
  8. Any member may ask to borrow the Weigh-master’s golden rule BEFORE the fish is handed to the Weigh-master for an official weight. IF A TEAM BRINGS A SHORT FISH TO THE SCALES FOR AN OFFICIAL WEIGHT, THAT FISH ALONG WITH THE HEAVIEST FISH IN THE TEAM’S CREEL WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TOTAL WEIGHT.
  9. The Weigh-master will measure the smallest fish in each creel.
  11. A four ounce per dead fish deduction will be charged for each dead fish weighed. This deduction will be assessed to the team’s total weight for the event.
  12. The net weight (total weight minus penalty deductions) will be used to determine the final tournament results.
  13. If only one team catches fish in a tournament, that team will receive all the monies paid in for that event.
  14. If a team experiences mechanical problems, it is their responsibility to see that their fish are at the scales by the weigh-in deadline.
  15. The weigh-in will begin at 2:00 pm for each event. All Teams must be at the Boat Ramp or designated area at 2:00 pm or weigh-in time if changed. Being within sight is not considered being at the ramp. Teams will be assessed a one lb. penalty (starting with Big bass) for each minute they are past the official weigh-in time. It is your team’s responsibility to coordinate your watch with the official time kept by the Weigh-master before blast-off. The Weigh-master will announce the official time before blast-off at each event.
  16. Teams not launching from the designated launch site for each tournament will have their live-wells checked by another team member prior to blast-off.
  17. Any team arriving late to register (after blast-off) will be required to find one of the Directors to have their live wells checked prior to fishing.
  18. No team member can fish more than one rod at a time. If both members have a fishing rod in their hand, and a third rod/line is below the water’s surface, this will be considered as a member fishing with two rods at the same time for the purpose of this rule. It is not necessary that a specific member of that team be identified as the violator.
  19. Any team with their trolling motor up and anchor out will be given a 35 yard buffer by all other club members.
  20. No combustion engine trolling.
  21. No live bait.
  22. Size and slot limits mandated by the Sate of Florida are in effect for all events (14” minimum size limit, 1 fish 22” or more per angler). Some lakes require permits for the possession of a tournament creel. These permits will be handed out to members at registration on the day of the event.
  23. All teams must start from the same location.
  24. There will be a club meeting at the June event each year. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the need for rule changes if needed. Club Directors can call a special meeting anytime to discuss a problem that might arise (ie. A scheduled lake can not be fished for some reason, major storm front, police emergency call out, etc).
  25. Our annual club meeting is the first evening of our “Classic” tournament. Members have the option of changing club rules at this time. The tournament lakes for the next season will be selected at this time. Members wishing to run for one of the Director’s positions may do so at this time.
  26. Unless otherwise mentioned prior to the tournament, each event will blast-off at “safe light”.
  27. There will be an “Angler of the Year” team awarded at the end of each year. The winning team will be determined by the total points for the year. Both winning team members will receive a trophy/plaque.

The link below is to download our membership application. The application is in Microsoft Word form. Please enter your team's information and email the document back to:

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