1. Classic entry fee is $80 per team for the 2 day tournament and includes the Big Bass payout for saturday and sunday.
  2. No member may fish the designated waters of the “Classic” lake during the 7 days prior to the event.
  3. Teams will be allowed to launch their boats/pre-fish the day prior to the event only.
    1. Exception to the 7 day rule:
      1. If a club member belongs to another fishing club or organization and that club has selected our “Classic” location prior to the June tournament.

        If the member:
      2. Has participated in the majority of that club/organization’s events for the year, the member may fish that event.
      3. If the tournament is a single event tournament such as the “Hospital Tournament”, the member may not fish such an event.
  4. Each team must participate in a minimum of scheduled tournaments based on the number of scheduled tournaments.
    1. If there are 11 scheduled tournaments each team must participate in 8 tournaments.
    2. If there are 10 scheduled tournaments each team must participate in 7 tournaments.
  5. The weigh-in time for the second day of the “Classic” will be decided at the annual meeting the Saturday night prior to the final day’s event.
  6. A team may miss more than one tournaments and still qualify for the “Classic” by paying the entry fee for a tournament, which the team could not attend, before the start of that monthly tournament.
  7. If a substitute desires to become a full-time partner on an existing team he must pay a $25.00 membership fee and compete in a minimum of three events to qualify for the “Classic”.
    1. Exception to the 8 tournament rule:
      1. If there is a death in the family or a team member is in the hospital on an event day.
      2. Policemen on emergency call out.
      3. New members can participate in the “Classic” if they join and fish the May tournament and all remaining events even though there are less than 8 remaining.
        1. A fisherman is considered a new member if they have not fished in our club during the past tournament season.
        2. The above exceptions will not apply for new teams that join in the month of May. They must fish or pay for all remaining events if missed.
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