Lake Reedy 9-23-17

Lake Reedy


Thanks Irma!

As mush as we always seem to need the rain and water levels to be normal Hurricane Irma came through the entire state of Florida and created havoc on us all. From the reports I heard prior to the tournament and after the tournament the lake was way high and caused the bass to not cooperate at all. Hope by the next tournament things get back to normal? I am sure all the lakes are going through this transition period. No limits were caught and the most any team weighed in was 4 bass.

First Place with 3 bass weighing 10.53lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Second Place with 3 bass weighing 7.34lbs goes to Gary and Richard

Third Place with 4 bass weighing 6.63lbs goes to Chuck and Bonnie

Big Bass weighing 5.68lbs goes to Greg and Joe

We did not have a 50/50 raffle but hope we will make it up on the next tournament!

Congrats to the winners!

Our next tournament is October 28th on Walk in Water

See You At The Ramp


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