Lake Kissimmee 6-24-17

Lake Kissimmee


Welcome to the dog days of summer! It will only get hotter too the next couple of months. Seems like every team was excited to fish Kissimmee after the small lake we fished last month. With the recent rains there was enough water to launch out of Camp Mack. Just wish they would remove that rock pile behind the one ramp. Or at least mark it with a buoy. And they are persistent with weigh in being at the stage area too. Overall they were really nice and accommodating. I also would like to welcome the new team of Gary and Richard. Also was nice to see Godwin today who fished with Matt. Maybe he will fill in as needed with Matt. Godwin has been with the club for a long time and shared some sad news with  us, Mike Taylor who also was a long time member passed away a little while ago. For those who new him he was the nicest person-friend-fisherman around. He will be missed. And seems like the new teams are giving everyone some good competition too. With Kissimmee being one of the favorite lakes to fish for most, turned out to be quite tough for most. Water was dirty and not moving and had most teams baffled on finding the pattern. Only 3 limits were weighed in. And if you thought you had a rough day, just talk to Troy and Adam. Their boat broke down and Steve and I did not see or hear them call. They were towed in by someone else who was very generous to bring them all the way from just north of Brahma Island. We never want to have any team stranded and will make sure we do everything to make sure no team is stranded or broken down out on the water or on the highway. Please make sure you all have at least two or three teams contact info so we can communicate accordingly. If everyone agrees I can create a contact list and hand out to each team. Even if you decide to leave early please let someone know.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 20.14 lbs goes to Gary and Richard

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 11.50 lbs goes to Charles and Brandy

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 10.52 lbs goes to Scott and Mike

Big Bass weighing 7.99 lbs goes to Gary and Richard

50/50 winner goes to Matt

Congrats to all!

Next tournament is on Lake Pierce 7-22-17 out of Jennings Fish Camp

See You At The Ramp


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