Crooked Lake 4-22-17

Crooked Lake


First I would like to welcome two new teams and one returning team from last year. Chuck and Bonnie Wilkerson, Scott Scarboro and Mike Blocher. Charles Pearson and Brandy Byrum who are returning from last year. It was nice meeting the new teams and seeing Charles and Brandy come back. We had 13 teams show up to fish and most of us all caught bass, just tough getting the big bite with lots of smaller bass being caught throughout the day. 4 teams had limits. A total of 39 bass were weighed in with total weight of 81.99 lbs. These are part of the numbers I have to submit to the FWC after report. Thanks to the wind blowing a different way which kept the smoke from Indian Lake Estates away from us. I know Darrell and Jason had a little hiccup first thing in the morning when we blasted off. They thought they spun their prop. Turns out Darrell forgot to take off the transom saver. Glad it was not too bad. Funny story with Steve and I, while fishing I heard Steve yell and jump down from the polling platform. I thought he had a record bass on. Turns out he was screaming like a little girl because a cottonmouth was trying to get in the boat. He is really scared of snakes. Too Funny!

First Place with 5 bass weighing 14.28 lbs goes to Dick and Scott

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 12.88 lbs goes to Scott and Mike

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 12.57 lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Big Bass weighing 5.83 lbs goes to Dick and Scott

50/50 winner goes to Scott S.

Congrats to all!

Our next tournament is May 20th on Eagle Lake.

See you at the ramp!


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