Butler Chain 3-25-17

Butler Chain


It has been way too long since we have fished since our first tournament back in January. Glad we voted next year to fish a regular tournament in the month we fish classic. I would like to welcome the team of Justin and Dalton to SPPB. Justin has fished with us before and has joined forces with his new partner. Glad to have them in our club! Matt had the pleasure of fishing with his fiance as his sub and Randy had his Dad fish with him as his sub. Rob was out of town and his partner Terry decided to fish alone out of his kayak. That is determination at its best and they definitely want to qualify for the classic. From the reports of teams that pre-fished it was going to be tough. Only 4 teams brought in limits and lots of small bass were caught.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 11.22 lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 9.69 lbs goes to Josh and Mark

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 9.13 lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Big Bass weighing 5.63 lbs goes to Jason and Darrell

Congrats To All!

Now I would like to let all members know that I received a phone call during the tournament that a team was spotted driving their boat on plain without their PFD’s on. I immediately called the team and explained to them we all must wear while on plain. They explained that they were just motoring up to drift down where they were fishing, but acknowledged they made a mistake and did not think at the time they needed since they were not going very fast or very far. They reassured me they would wear. Over the years I have had to remind other teams about some of the basic rules and it should be about safety, courtesy and professionalism of each and every member. So as a reminder to all please wear your PFD’s while on plain and be courteous and professional to all members.

Our next tournament is on Crooked Lake, April 22nd out of Bob’s Landing. Remember they have a ramp fee.

See You At The Ramp


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