Lake Arbuckle 11-19-16

Lake Arbuckle


The 2016 tournament season has come to a close. First I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing everyone in 2017. I think the bass on Lake Arbuckle were already on a holiday break because they sure were not cooperating on this Saturday. There were no limits weighed in the most any team had was 4 bass. That is fishing at times and not enough catching keeper bass. Helps me appreciate the good days we have on the lakes.

First Place with 3 bass weighing 10.25 lbs goes to Troy and Jake

Second Place with 3 bass weighing 6.30 lbs goes to Rob and George

Third Place with 4 bass weighing 6.17 lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

Big Bass weighing 6.30 lbs goes to Troy and Jake

50/50 raffle goes to Troy

2016 Angler of the Year goes to Mike and Steve


After the weigh in we had our end of season meeting to choose the lakes for 2017. We discussed the idea of having two tournaments in the month of February when we have our 2016 Classic. It was voted to only fish the Classic in February. There will only be 10 tournaments plus the 2016 Classic. We also discussed the 50/50 raffle which has generated quite a bit for our Classic payouts plus the winners get 50%. We raised less this year then we did last year and wanted to make sure everyone still wants to have the raffle each tournament. We all voted to keep and it was mentioned that we need more participation from all members. We had 13 teams join in 2016 and 9 teams have qualified to fish the 2016 Classic. Boat #6 / #9 /#10 / #11 did not qualify. Remember there is no pre-fishing 7 days prior Friday February 17th. Pre-fishing is permitted on Friday February 17th. Tournament days are Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th. 3:00 pm weigh in on Saturday and 2:00 pm weigh in on Sunday.

I would like to also thank Steve, Darrell and Jason for all they do each tournament!

See You Next Year,


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