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2016 Classic Tournament

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Lake Okeechobee 2016 Classic

2-18-17 and 2-19-17

Another Classic has come and gone. Now we have to wait and qualify for the next Classic which will be February 10th and 11th 2018 on the Big “O”. The weather was actually pretty good this year. Water levels were down and a lot of chocolate colored water to be found. Lots of bass biting, but trying to get the big bass was tough as can be. Quite a few missed big bass opportunities from what I heard. But that is fishing and not catching as they say.

I want to thank all of our great members who helped make our Classic a great success, and all of the sponsors who donated items along with the members who also donated and purchased raffle tickets to help raise money for our tournament. We raised a total of $755.00 just from the raffle which goes 100% to the winners. First place paid $1132.00, Second place was $631.00 and third place was $559.00. Not too bad for our club! I have attached the entire results below.

First Place with 10 bass weighing 27.50 lbs goes to Jason and Darrell

Second Place with 10 bass weighing 23.86 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Third Place with 9 bass weighing 20.58 lbs goes to Josh and Mark

Big Bass day 1 weighing 5.64 lbs goes to Troy and Adam

Big Bass day 2 weighing 4.89 lbs goes to Mike and Matt

Congrats to all the winners!

Here is a recap from the meeting and what we discussed and voted on. It is really nice when we can get together and have an open forum to discuss what we think is important and try to make our club better.

Classic Weigh In Times: we discussed on keeping the Saturday weigh in at 3:00 and possibly changing Sunday weigh in time to 1:00? Josh then made a great point that we are fishing on one of if not the best lake and we should not be taking away fishing time. We all agreed to that and decided to keep it the same. Saturday is 3:00 and Sunday is 2:00.

12″ Limit: discussed for a while and was brought to a vote that 12″ fish will be allowed starting next year.

2018 season: was decided to have 11 tournaments.

50/50 Raffle: idea was proposed that an extra $10.00 be added for tournament fees and the extra $10.00 would give each team two raffle tickets with option for any member to purchase more. For example if we averaged 10 teams per tournament with 10 tournaments we could raise $500.00 for our Classic. We decided to discuss at our meeting at the end of the year.

2016 Classic 2-18-17 and 2-19-17