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Lake Kissimmee 7-23-16

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Lake Kissimmee


Welcome the two hottest months of the year. After this tournament hopefully only one more really hot month to go? We launched out of Camp Mack for this tournament and all seemed to go pretty good except for a few teams who got stuck behind the other club launching who decided to block the waterway near Camp Mack and could not get out to the main river where we were staging. Out of 8 teams only one team had a limit. Yes fishing was tough and hot!

First Place with 4 bass weighing 12.97 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 11.20 lbs goes to Troy and Adam

Third Place with 3 bass weighing 8.10 lbs goes to Josh and Marcus

Big Bass weighing 4.57 lbs goes to Steve and Mike

50/50 winner goes to Mike

A few items I would like to mention. First I spoke with Dick and he continues to get better and is hoping to return at the next tournament. Second with the new rules we will have permits for each tournament. I have attached the PDF showing all the info. Last we are currently reviewing the dates of our 2016 Classic and right now February 18th and 19th 2017 are what we are working on. Our next tournament is August 27th on Lake Rosalie at the public ramp.

See You At The Ramp