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Lake Istokpoga 1-23-16

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Lake Istokpoga


Welcome all to the 2016 tournament season! And what a way to start by having 20-30 mph wings with higher gusts throughout the day and quite chilly too. At least the rain stopped by the time we launched. During the week the board was watching and discussing the possible conditions we would be dealing with and numerous members also were watching and keeping us informed. We really appreciate all the input. We decided to fish since we were launching out of the North end and would be protected as much as possible. As each and every tournament you have to adjust to the elements and hope your game plan works out. We all made the adjustments to try and figure out where the fish were and hope to get them to bite. It is never easy when fronts come through in the winter time. 8 teams showed up to fish one of our favorite lakes, but it was a tough day to be fishing. At least for most. One team showed off by kicking everyone’s butts. Only three teams weighed in fish. We had a couple of subs this tournament. Darrell’s better half Kim fished with him and Steve fished with Matt. Best decision Matt has made in a while. Matt’s new nickname is lip boy since they did not net their fish, Matt lipped them.

First place with 5 bass weighing 21.26 lbs goes to Matt and Steve

Second place with 5 bass weighing 9.81 lbs goes to Scott and Dick

Third place with 1 bass weighing 1.75 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Big Bass weighing 6.91 lbs goes to Matt and Steve

50/50 winner goes to Matt

Congrats to all!

Next tournament is February 27th on Crooked Lake launching out of Bob’s Landing

See you at the ramp,