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St. John’s 10-24-15 and 10-25-15

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

St. John’s

October 24th and 25th, 2015

This is the first two day tournament we have done besides the Classic as far as I can remember. There are only a few locations that really qualify for a two day tournament so the club decided to return to St. John’s where we had two Classics in the past. 9 teams drove the long distance to participate on this large body of water. The tournament had only one little accident from what I heard. Seems Ken decided to take a little swim early Friday morning when he thought he was stepping into John’s boat and ended up in the water. If I remember correctly Rob was near by and helped Ken back onto dry land. Then we realized there were lights at the boat docks. What a difference lights can make. The rest of the weekend went better, except the fishing was tough as could be. Even the locals were saying the bite has been tough. Day one of tournament only one team came in with limit and day two only one team had a limit.

Day 1:

Leading with 5 bass weighing 10.98 lbs goes to Rob and Tony

Second Place lead with 3 bass weighing 6.30 lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

Third Place lead with 3 bass weighing 6.11 lbs goes to John and Ken

Big Bass day 1 weighing 3.08 lbs goes to Rob and Tony

Day 2:

First Place with a two day total weight of 18.18 lbs goes to Rob and Tony

Second Place with a two day total weight of 16.10 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Third Place with a two day total weight of 11.32 lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Big Bass day two and of the tournament weighing 4.99 lbs goes to Dick and Scott.

Raffle winner goes to Tony.

The next and last tournament of 2015 is November 21st, 2015 on Lake Reedy. Hope everybody changes the clocks accordingly…….(Steve)…….and hope to see everybody there. We will be voting on next year’s lakes and anything else you would like to bring up for discussion or a vote.


West Lake Toho 9-26-15

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

West Lake Toho


First I would like to notify all members there has been a change of date for the 2015 Classic. Due to Easter Weekend we had to change the date to April 9th and 10th 2016. Please make the necessary arrangements to call and change your reservations or make your reservations. Remember no pre-fishing allowed 7 days prior to Friday April 8th. Pre-fishing on Friday April 8th only. I have called Dick and Scott too so they would not drive down on the wrong weekend. Same Classic rules apply as previous years. Second I would like to welcome back Mike Touchton who came back to fish with us and his loyal partner Mickey. Now to the tournament. Fishing was a little tough, but was better than last month’s tournament on Tarpon. 4 teams out of 10 brought in limits, but no big limits and lots of small bass were caught.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 11.81 lbs goes to Dick and Scott

Second Place with 4 bass weighing 11.22 lbs goes to Troy and Adam

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 10.75 lbs goes to Matt and Jeff

Big Bass weighing 5.49 lbs goes to Troy and Adam

50/50 Winner John Fugate

Next tournament is a two day tournament on The St. John’s October 24th and 25th. Same pre-fishing rules apply as the Classic. No pre-fishing 7 days prior Friday October 23rd. Pre-fishing on Friday the 23rd only. Big bass of the tournament will count towards points. We can still have big bass payout for each day though?

See You At The Next Tournament,