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2014 Classic

Monday, April 20th, 2015

2014 Classic Tournament

March 28th and 29th 2015

Oh where to start? I guess I should start with our first runner up with having ┬ánot only the wrong time, but the wrong weekend for the Classic. Dick called me on Friday the 13th asking me where we were? I was working and asked him where they were? He said they were in Clewiston and just finished pre-fishing for the Classic. I did not know what to say and thought he was messing with me. He was not messing with me. Dick said the weekend was changed due to another tournament. I explained it was changed to the 4th weekend. I then called Darrell and we checked the website schedule and the newsletter from last years letter. They both stated the 4th weekend in March. Now for the second runner up on the incorrect time. This goes to Rob and Tony. At least they had the right weekend, but for whatever reason they thought the day two weigh in was at 3:00? When I called a little after 2:00 that is what they told me. And on top of that on the first day they thought the permits were for 12″ bass? So on day one instead of weighing in 5 bass they could only weigh in 2 and due to them being late on day two they were dq’ed and would have had big bass on day two. I am starting to believe Rob and Tony are cursed on the Big “O”. At least we did not have to worry about Eric and Gary having to visit the emergency room like they usually do. They were too busy winning second place on another tournament on Kissimmee. Now for the awesome weather we had. Yes I am being sarcastic. A major cold front came through Friday and we had cold and windy for both days. The wind was blowing 25 to 30 mph both days and needless to say the fishing was not even close to what the Big “O” usually produces. Maybe were are going in the wrong direction trying to change our normal end of March dates we used to schedule our classic?

First Place with total weight of 21.15lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

Second Place with total weight of 20.84lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Third Place with total weight of 13.61lbs goes to Keith and Justin

Big Bass Day 1 goes to Darrell and Jason with 4.42 lb

Big Bass Day 2 goes to Darrell and Jason with 3.64lb.

Congrats to all the winners!

2014 Classic 4-29-14 Day 2

I now would like to thank all of the sponsors and members who again have made our classic tournament a success! Without everyone contributing in some way the payouts would be a lot less and we would not have all the fun we do during the raffle. The 50/50 raffle each tournament has also been a great help.

THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING: Reel Deal Outdoors / Joe DeOliveira / Dogfish Tackle / Interstate Batteries / Darrell Paquin / Greg Gonzalez / Steve Holmes / Jason Burgun / Matt Sparks / Mike Touchton.

We have not totally decided on the date on the 2015 Classic at this time. We are waiting to see when we can schedule next year in Clewiston?