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Lake Kissimmee 8-23-14

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Lake Kissimmee


8 teams showed up to fish hopefully the last hot tournament of the year. I would like to welcome Matt’s new partner Jeff McMahon to SPPB. Rob had to fish with his sub George who has fished with us before. Rob is almost as bad as Matt for finding a partner/sub to fish with since his regular partner Tony is missing in action again. The fishing was tough once the sun came up and if you did not have any fish by then is was a tough bite to get. Everybody brought fish to the scales. Around lunch time Steve and I were fishing around the south lock and Keith and Justin decided to go through the lock. Steve and I thought about doing the same after a little while, but for some reason it was taking forever for the lock to open so we decided to head back into the lake. Then I got a call from Keith informing me the lock was broke and if there was any way we could help get one of them to the scales? I informed them we had already left and were in the lake near the north end and that I would call them back. Then Joe and Greg called saying they are having motor issues and if they would be able to put the boat on the trailer and wait for the weigh in. It was about 1:00 then. I said that would be fine and asked if they could help Keith and Justin, but they said their motor might not make it? They were already at the ramp area. I then called Keith and said were are trying to get our 5th bass and if we do we will go and help them. Keith then said there was someone with trailer helping get the and some other boats to the lake side. He called back shortly after and was in the lake side and all was ok. What a close call. It is truly a bad feeling when you are stuck due to any reason and trying to get back to the weigh in on time. After the weigh in we check Joe’s motor and one of his spark plugs broke in half which caused all the problems.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 13.28 lbs goes to Eric and Gary

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 11.04 lbs goes to Matt and Jeff

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 10.04 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Big Bass weighing 6.20 lbs goes to John and Ken

50/50 winner is Joe. Total to date for the Classic is $202.00

Congrats To All !

Our next tournament is September 27th at Floral City Chain of Lakes at the public ramp.