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Lake Minneola November 9th 2013

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Lake Minneola


What a finish for angler of the year! I believe this was the closest we have ever been on the last tournament of the year to see which team would take the honors. Mike and Steve were 6 points ahead of Darrell and Brandon. All Steve and Mike needed to do is not zero and hope that Darrell and Brandon did not get a big bass.Darrell had to get Jason Acree to fish as sub, Matt brought Bill as a sub. We all knew the bite was going to be tough. 5 teams braved the elements. Did I mention the bite was going to be tough? 3 teams zeroed out of 5 and yes Mike and Steve were one of those. Let the weigh in begin.

FIrst Place with 4 bass weighing 6.39 lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

Second PLace with 3 bass weighing 3.54lbs goes to Matt and Bill

Big Bass weighing 1.98 lbs goes to Darrell and Jason

So yes Mike and Steve’s  6 point lead changed to finishing in second and Darrell and Brandon taking top honors by 3 points. Darrell and Brandon finished with 322 points. Mike and Steve finished with 319.  Congrats to Darrell and Brandon for Angler of the Year! What a finish!

After the weigh in we picked the lakes for 2014 and they will be posted soon on the web site. It was brought to a motion to have a trash fish pot for 2014. This was voted no to have a trash fish pot. We also reviewed the payout schedule and all agreed to keep it the way we have been doing. Each team will pay an extra $10.00 to payout either a second place or a third place depending on the number of teams. We will be looking into the payout chart during the off season to see if there is another way of adjusting payout based on the number of teams.

Wishing each and everyone of you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!