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West Lake Toho October 26th, 2013

Monday, October 28th, 2013

West Lake Toho

October 26th, 2013

7 teams showed up on this nice fall weather day. Gary and Tony fished together in the same boat since there team mates had better things to do. Malcolm fished with sub Frank Mackin. What a picture perfect day we had today. The first front came through earlier in the week and by Saturday the wind had calmed down and the temperature was perfect. Too bad the fishing was a little tough. Probably due to the front? There were only two teams with limits.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 19.40 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 9.42 lbs goes to Malcolm and Frank

Third Place with 3 bass weighing 5.19 lbs goes to Darrell and Brandon

Big Bass weighing 5.65 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

We are down to one tournament left for the 2013 season. The next and last tournament is November 9th on Lake Minneola. Clermont Boat Ramp, 930 W. Minneola Ave. 34711. There is a $5.00 ramp fee. We will have our meeting too to decide on next years lakes, etc. Steve has been discussing with the members on the best way to pick the lakes. If there is anything else you want to bring up for discussion and or a vote this is the time to do it.

See You At The Ramp


Winter Haven Chain September 28th, 2013

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Winter Haven Chain


OK, enough already! I know I am behind schedule to get updates and newsletters done. LOL. I was talking with Darrell and Keith and they reminded me to get my act together or else? Else sounds pretty good right now…LOL again.

I do apologize for the delays and will get caught up. After this tournament there are 2 tournaments left. 7 teams fished the Winter Haven Chain and what a nice day we had. We should be done with the dog days of hot summer and the weather was nice today. Josh fished with his brother Jason as his sub. Two teams brought in limits. There was plenty of water and no issues getting to all the lakes. Now for the pre-fish team of Rob and Tony who have the great life of being able to fish whenever. We were all a little nervous they were on fish? We tried to let them go first so we could follow, but they did not give in to our plan. And guess what? They had one small keeper and decided not to weigh in. Good thing we did not follow.

First Place with 4 bass weighing 12.22 lbs goes to Joe and Greg

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 10.16 lbs goes to Josh and Jason

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 8.27 lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Big Bass weighing 5.14 lbs goes to Scott and Dick

Congrats to all!

The AOTY race just got tighter too! Only one point behind is second place and 5 points behind is third with two tournaments left. Next tournament is West Toho out of South Port on October 26th. Just a reminder at the last tournament we will have meeting either before we launch or after to discuss any objectives you want to discuss and choose the lakes for the 2014 season. The last two years we have drawn the lakes out of a hat. This also is up for a vote to either keep this system or change to another way? We also have ammended our payout by each team contributing an extra $10.00 to payout a second place if there are under 9 teams. I think this has been accepted and we may look into keeping this in place, even if there is between 9 and 13 teams to have a third place payout? Again this is just a thought. Now is the time to start thinking about possible changes, etc for our meeting at the last tournament.

I would like to mention that Keith Burden who has been a member for a long time has his new business Reel Deal Outdoors up and running, and his shop looks GREAT ! Please remember if you need any reel or rod repairs, trolling motor service, or any hard to find tackle you need, please call Keith @ 727-510-9168 cell or 727-821-7335 shop. He will offer discounts to all SPPB members. He has been open for almost 1 year now going through the objectives of opening and then moving to a better location and is establishing a growing customer base.

See You At The Next Tournament



Lake Arbuckle August 24th, 2013

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Lake Arbuckle

August 24th, 2013

Thank You Darrell for reminding me the August newsletter was not done and that I have been slacking on my duties. I will try to get caught up on all since the 2013 is getting close to being over.

7 teams showed up to fish Lake Arbuckle. I do not think SPPB has ever fished this lake? What a nice little lake. Too bad the bite was not as nice as the lake looked. Matt ( Jr. ) Sparks fished with sub Chase Harvey. As always we all had a great time fishing. Only one limit was brought in to weigh in.

First Place with 4 bass weighing 11.66 lbs goes to Keith and Justin

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 11.61 lbs goes to Darrell and Brandon

Third Place with 3 bass weighing 6.15 lbs goes to Eric and Gary

Big Bass weighing 6.20 lbs goes to Keith and Justin

Congrats to all.

Right now there is a three way race for AOTY with only 9 points differenc between 1 st and 2nd. 2 tgeams are tied for second place.

Next tournament is on Winter Haven Chain Sept. 28th at William G. Roe park on Lake Shipp.