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Harris Chain 6-22-13

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Harris Chain


OK, yes I know it has been too long for the newsletter to get done and I apologize! With all the news about the lakes being too low and some of the ramps being closed we had a nice turn out for this tournament. The lake was a little low, but we had no issues. Except how the water looked. It was like chocolate milk in most areas and the water was hot. 9 teams showed up and off we went. Darrell had his better half fish with him since Brandon was on a cruise. Shortly after Darrell and Kim were fishing Darrell decided it would be a good idea to get his line caught in his trolling motor. Then he decided it was a good idea to drop his trolling motore prop in the water. By now he was thinking Kim was bad luck, but they kept on fishing. 4 teams had limits. 28 bass total were brought to the scales. Not too bad for the conditions we had. Turns out Darrell’s better half was good luck after all.

First Place with bass bass weighing 18.26 lbs goes to Malcolm and Josh

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 14.17 lbs goes to Darrell and Kim

Third Place with 5 bass weighing 12.20 lbs goes to Dick and Scott

Big Bass weighing 9.31 lbs goes to Malcolm and Josh

Congrats To All!

It was mentioned that since we pay an extra $10.00 per team for a second place payout if there is 8 teams or less why couldn’t we also do if between 9 teams and 12 teams to pay out for third?

Next tournament is on Lake Rousseau launching at the Dunnellon ramp off Hwy 41 on July 27th