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Crooked Lake April 28th, 2012

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Crooked Lake

April 28th, 2012

I would like to welcome the new team of Rob Perry and Tony Dayton to SPPB! Rob had to fish by himself today, but his partner Tony will be at the next tournament.  

We had two teams who fished with subs this tournament. Darrell who just had shoulder surgery right after the Classic will be out hopefully for a short time had Scott Ellis fish with Brandon and Malcolm brought his other brother Jason to fish in place of Josh. We had 6 teams sign up with 4 teams fishing. Yes you are correct the two teams who paid are in the hunt for the point standings and did not want to lose too many points. Now on to the tournament and Crooked Lake. When I called to ask about the lake conditions from Bob’s Landing they said plenty of water and yes there are stumps and trees along some of the banks but still plenty of water. I do not remember the lake ever being this low. Then a $7.00 ramp fee? Ouch!

First Place with 5 bass weighing 9.62 lbs goes to Malcolm and Jason

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 8.13 lbs goes to Brandon and Scott

Third Place with 4 bass weighing 8.06 lbs goes to Rob Perry

Big Bass weighing 4.70 lbs goes to Rob Perry.

Next tournament is May 26th on John’s Lake

Hope To see everyone at the ramp!