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Lake Reedy 8-27-11

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Lake Reedy

August 27th, 2011

On this hot windy summer day only 6 teams braved the elements to come out and fish. We had two subs who fished with us. Scott Ellis fished with Darrell and Jim Nicola fished with Joe DeOliveria. Actually Jim Nicola is an official member of SPPB since this was the third sub needed for Joe and Greg. Greg has been out with a wrist injury and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he comes back soon. Remember each team is allowed two subs per year. If another sub is needed then the sub must join the club. I will show team subs list at end of newsletter. Matt Sparks has a new partner, Mike Haney. Welcome to the club Mike!

Now on to the tournament! The day started out for Steve and I a little crazy. When Steve was docking his boat when we launched he lost his balance and broke two of my rods. Poop happens and the fishing must go on. Then another one of my reels decided not to work, so of course I blamed Steve, lol. I started with 6 and now I was down to 3. Oh, it gets better for Steve. On the way back to the ramp Steve’s cell phone went flying out of the boat when we went airborn from a wave. Did I mention that he only caught one little dink the whole day. It was one of those days and we laughed about all the bad things. I know we all have had those days. The fishing was tough for all due to the winds, etc., but a couple of teams found the fish. From 6 teams only 15 bass were brought to the scales with a total weight of 42.89 pounds.

First Place with 5 bass weighing 20.27lbs goes to Frank and Keith

Second Place with 5 bass weighing 14.29lbs goes to Mike and Steve

Third Place with 2 bass weighing 3.97lbs goes to Matt and Mike

Big Bass weighing 7.22lbs goes to frank and Keith

Congrats to all!

We also chose the remainder three lakes and they are posted on the schedule page. The 2011 classic which will be fished the second weekend of April 2012 will be Okeechobee out of Clewiston. Seems this year it was a challenge to pick the lakes and I would like to suggest another way to pick the 2012 lakes. On the last tournament in November the lakes will be drawn out of a basket in the order of months. Typically we fish 10 to 11 tournaments a year. This year we will have fished 10 since we did not fish the fourth weekend in April. It would be nice to have our schedule done at one time for the whole year and not drag it out. I will be reviewing with the other board members regarding this idea.

Here is list of sub status year to date:

Boat # 1      2 subs

Boat # 3      2 subs

Boat # 4      2 subs and Jim Nicola joined 8-27-11

Boat # 8      1 sub

Boat # 8      1 sub

Boat # 9      1 sub

Boat # 10   2 subs

Boat # 11    2 subs      (exemption)

Boat # 12    1 sub

Boat # 13    1 sub


Hope To All At The Next Tournament