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Lake Tarpon March 27th 2010

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Lake Tarpon March 27th, 2010



Before I explain CRUNCH & LATE I would first like to welcome the new team of Malcolm and Josh Acree. I am sure all of you will introduce yourselfs if you already have not and welcome them to our club.

First thing early in the morning pre blast off there was a loud crunch near one of the docks as two bass clubs were launching their boats. Turns out that Jeff decided to run his trolling motor into the dock to prevent backing into another boat. His trolling motor did not make it. After thinking about fishing without a trolling motor or not Jeff and Brent decided to fish. I told them we all would have made the same decision. Turns out their decision paid off.

Now for the second part. On their way into weigh in Joe’s engine decided it did not want to?

There was 10 minutes before 2:00 when Phil got the call. Frank and Keith were generous enough to head out and tow them back in. Unfortunately Joe and Greg had to take a 10 min. penalty of 1 pound per minute. They still weighed in their 5 bass weighing 8.71. After penalty their net weight was <1.29>.So the way I see it Joe and Greg will start the next tournament minus 1.29 pounds. JUST KIDDING! Just get your engine fixed in time for the Classic.

We had 9 teams fish on this first warm Saturday of Spring. I am sure we all enjoyed not fishing in the cold and rain. There was 33 bass brought to the scales and three 5 bass limits.

1st Place with 5 bass and a total weight of 13.22 lbs goes to Brent and Jeff who needs a troling motor.

2nd Place with 5 bass and a total weight of 11.51 lbs goes to Bill and Dave, and Toby.

3rd Place with 3 bass and total weight of 7.15 lbs goes to Mike and Steve ( yes Steve caught all 3 keepers )

Big Bass weighing 3.54 lbs goes to Brent and Jeff who needs a trolling motor.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the teams who showed up to fish!

2009 CLASSIC is in two weeks. Remember no pre-fishing one week before Friday April 9th. Pre-fishing allowed on Friday April 9th. Dinner and Meeting will be Saturday April 10th starting around 6:30 pm at Phil and Darrell’s condo. Make sure you all bring extra spending money to have a chance at winning some great prizes! Please see Darrell to purchase your tickets anytime before the drawing. Anyone who wants to bring a side dish is welcome to, or your choice of beverage. After we eat and or during we will have an open discussion to review and or vote on any objectives pertaining to our club. Then we will pick the remainder of the lakes for the 2010 season. And last but not least we will have the raffle drawing.

See You In Okeechobee!