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Saturday, October 10th, 2009



Karl and Dennis Take Lake Harris

Well what can I say, I hate Lake Harris and it was very very unfriendly to Darrell and I. But at least we had a wonderful time Friday night at Godwin’s expense.

Well it all started when Godwin and Herb arrived. First they got lost thru the gate and I had to find them and lead them to the room. Second, Godwin decided to indulge in a little crown and coke, welllll I don’t know what he had before he got there, but for me if I use a plastic cup from a motel I always remove the plastic wrapper before I add my drink to the cup. Third, I hope everyone got the photos I sent out and I hope everyone figured out that somehow, someway Godwin was able to park his boat with the front facing the room? I mean it was right up close the the front door of the room. Please Godwin, enlighten us on how you can get your boat facing the room so close to the rom. I know the sidewalk was not that wide that you drove your vehicle up that close, so please tell us all, how did you get it so slose?

Well it was all in fun and I have to admit that Godwin was a very good sport about his boat being moved, but just remember even though you don’t see Steve in the pictures, someone had to  be using the camera.

Well now for the tournament.

We had every team show up for the worst lake and the hottest day of the year. I mean it was the worst lake for Darrell and I, but some of you were able to find ole bucket mouth. We had 11 teams bring 19 bass to the scales We only had 1 five fish limit, thank you Karl and Dennis.

Third place with 3 fish (2 dead), which knocked them out of second place money was Mike and Steve with 6.39 pounds.

Second place with 3 fish was Frank and his Dad Frank with 6.8 pounds. It seems Colleen was out with the girls to the weeeeeeeee hours of the morning and could not make the tournamnet.

First place with 5 fish was Karl and Dennis with 11.88 pounds.

Big Bass winner goes to Godwin and Herb with their only fish of 4.34 pounds.

Our next tournament will be 10-24-09 on Walk-in- Water. Seems Lake Pierce is in terrible condition so we decided to switch to Walk-in-Water.

This being our last tournament of the year I would like for everyone to try and get there early so we can have a meeting. We will have to pick the first three lakes for 2010 season and we need to talk about the Classic, plus I have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT concerning OUR CLUB for 2010.

I hope to see everyone at the ramp!


Phil Mansfield