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Lake Kissimmee 8-22-09

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


August 22nd, 2009

Bill and Dave Score Big On Lake Kissimmee

Before I talk about the tournament, I would like to say that as a CLUB we may be small, but there is no other club, and I have fished a lot of them, that show the heart that our members have. I have been in clubs that no one and I mean no one would congratulate the winners of a tournamnent. But not our CLUB and that is why I am still here.

Now for the tournamnet. The morning did not start off very well because as we were about to enter Lake Wales and there is a massive back up on both sides of the road. Not because of an accident, because of railroad crossing bars being in the down position and no train in sight. Luckily I was close enough to the front where I made contact with local law enforcement and was provided with an alternate route. We were able to take Mike and Steve, Bill and Dave along with us and made it to the ramp just before daylight. That folks is why you leave early, just in case of this crap!

So we got everyone into the water and away we went. Darrell and I decided to run to North Cove. Big mistake! Bill and Dave , I heard went through the locks and down river. Well that move for Bill ands Dave paid off because Bill told me they had all fish before 0800 hours. Crap we didn’t boat a keeper fish until almost 1130 hours. Now that makes for a long day!

It was HOT HOT HOT and tough fishing all day long. So after tarveling to 6 different locations we ended up back in the canal just up from the ramp and was able to boat 2 more keeper fish. I knew we weren’t a threat, but gee whiz I never expected last place.

So the weigh in went like this:

We had a total of 7 boats show up and 23 bass were weighed in. Of the 7 boats, only one could manage a 5 fish limit and another one had 4 fish. There was four 3 fish limits and one 2 fish.

Third Place went to the BIG BOYZ team of Greg Derosa and Tom Pridham with 3 fish for a total weight of  9.75lbs.

Second place went to Frank and Colleen”i just learned how to flip” Mackin with 5 fish and total weight of 11.5lbs.

First place went to Wild Bill Coker and his sidekick Dave Felentzer with 4 fish”all by 8am” and total weight of 12.41lbs

Now big bass was very interesting. The first Big Bass belonged to Dennis Smith and Karl Sundstrom wit a 5.64 pound beauty. Then Bill Coker and Dave Felentzer came to the scales and scared them with a 5.42 beauty. And then there was Greg Derosa and Tom Pridham who pulled out a very nice 6.40 pound beauty that took top honors for Big Bass.

Well it wasn’t that bad of a day fishing. The weather held off until halfway home and everyone had a good time.

Our next tournament will be on 9-26-09 at Lake Harris. We have already been to John’s Lake so we will fish the alternate. We will launch from Hickory Point. For those who would like to go over Friday 9-25-09, Keith Burden has reserved 4 rooms at a local motel about 5 minutes from the ramp. The room rate is $62.06 with all taxes involved. So if you are interested please let me know ASAP. There are two rooms still available and it will be first come first serve. I know Darrell and I will be sharing a room with Mike and Steve, so that is only $15.00 each. Also I will be sending out some information in the very near future about some special pricing from one of our sponsors.

I would like for everyone to go and check out


Congratulations To All The Winners and I hope to see everyone at the ramp at Lake Harris.


See You At The Ramp

Phil Mansfield