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Lake June in Winter July 25th 2009

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Lake June in Winter

July 25th 2009

HOT<HOT<HOT Weather, not fishing!

To start off I would like to say it was good to see Bill Coker and Dave back at the ramp. It was also a pleasure to see Joe and Greg and Keith with his new partner Eric.

Even though the fishing didn’t work out the way I had hoped, it was still a good day on the lake with friends. Although things didn’t go well for Darrell and I, between losing fish and mechanical trouble, we still managed a nice sack to weigh in. ( it could have been more )

It started out a beautiful day and by mid morning it was brutal hot. The locals were out playing with their water toys and several were in areas we needed to fish. OOOOOOWELLL, what are you going to do?

We had a total of 8 boats show up and 17 bass brought to the scales. No one matched a five fish limit(could have been) but there was three four fish limits and that was the top three.

In third place with four bass and total weight of 7.60 pounds—-Mike and Steve

In second place with four bass and a total weight of 7.74 pounds—–Phil and Darrell

In first place with four bass and a total weight of 8.20 pounds—Frank and Colleen

Big Bass went to Frank and Colleen  with BIG OLE BUCKET MOUTH, ( more like a small pail) coming in at 3.18 pounds.

Well, congratulations to all our winners and lets hope the next tournament is better. Our next tournament is scheduled for August 22, 2009 on Lake Kissimmee and we will be launching from the public ramp on Hwy. 60 by the bridge.

Some of you approached me about going out of Camp Mack? I called and was informed that on the 22nd and 23rd  of August there was a two day tournament and they expected 100 – 150 boats. So much for Camp Mack. I was even asked about going out of South Port, but I was reminded by one of our weigh masters , who will remain nameless ( Mike ) that we need to stay with what was voted on. So we will stay at the Hwy 60 ramp.

I hope to see everyone at the ramp and lets try and get everyone to show up.

Also I would like for everyone to welcome Two New Sponsors foe St. Pete Pro Bass. Their products can be viewed on-line and purchased through Me at the regular club discount.

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Please check out both these fine web sites and if you need anything or are interested in ordering products, please let me know.

See You At Thge Ramp

Phil Mansfield 727-410-2239