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John’s Lake June 27th, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

John’s Lake

June 27th, 2009

Before I talk about the tournament I have a couple of things to say.

First, on behalf of the entire club and all our family I would like to say to Mike Taylor how sorry we are to hear about the passing of your father. My heart goes out to you and your family and I know on behalf of our club, please do not hesitate to call if you need anything. Our prayers are with you.

Second, I was looking forward to the return of Bill Coker, but he suffered some severe chest pains and was admitted back into the hospital. I have spoken with Bill and he cannot wait to get back to fishing. Bill had actually pre-fished the weekend before and had caught some nice fish. Bill was very upset when Darrell told him the results, cause he knew where the fish were. Well Bill I hope to see you and Dave at Lake Marion.

Now for John’s Lake

What a beautiful lake and I have not seen water depths like this in a long time, but just one question, where were the fish?

I mean everywhere you went looked like it should just be loaded with bass, but I guess ole bucket mouth didn’t like the weather.

I was glad to see everyone get there safely and in a timely manner, with the exception of Godwin and his partner who just happened to get pulled over by local law enforcement. Luckily Godwin got no ticket and was able to make it to the ramp.

We had seven boats show up and were able to launch before another local club. The weather started out real nice , but then the wind picked up around mid morning and the rain started to pour, depending on where you were on the lake. Darrell and I were fishing on one side and could tell that the other side was just pouring. If you don’t believe me ask Mike Burgun, he looked like the Michelin Man in his Frogg Toggs.

Well anyways, the fishing was real tough and I don’t know how the other club faired because they were gone when we came in.

So out of seven teams we had a grand total of 8 bass weighed in. Yep I said 8 bass and that was between two teams.

Second place with a total of 4 bass and a weight of 4.85 pounds goes to Phil and Darrell.

First place with a total of 4 bass and a weight of 7.88 pounds goes to Godwin and his substitute partner Herb Stephens.

Big Bass went to Godwin and Herb with a 2.66pound monster.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Folks, I say it all the time if you have just one fish you may want to weigh it in. In this case if anyone would have weighed one more fish they would have been in third place and that would have made a slight difference in the points awarded. As it stood with only 1st and 2nd place everyone else that paid for the tournament received 27 points.

And did I mention The Mackin Express zeroed! Its true, I asked Frank at the weigh in and his exact words,well I can’t say his exact words because this is a family oriented site and because the FCC might come knocking. But he did say “Phil I rolled a donut”. Well heck Frank we were fishing for bass, not culinary school 101. Just kidding, but it does happen, just ask Darrell.

OK on to the next tournament. It will be on Lake Marion July 25th,2009. I spoke with Bannon’s Fish Camp and he has penciled us in for the day. He told me the water level is up about 18″ above normal and that he has replaced his old log ramp with a new 20′ concrete ramp, so launching is no longer a problem. Alternate lake is June In Winter.

I will be going over to check out the lake on July 17th and will advise everyone the outcome.The address to Bannon’s is 7970 Bannon Fish Camp Rd., Haines City, FL  863-422-1223

So until then, be safe, cherish your loved ones and Frank since you are rolling doughnuts I like apple fritters with a little butter on top.

See You At The Ramp

Phil Mansfield