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Lake Toho May 23rd, 2009

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Lake Toho ” only ” 5-23-09

Well, it seems the Mackin Express is back on track!

We had a total of seven teams show up to take their chances against Mother Nature and the results of rain the entire week.

Darrell had to fish with an alternate because Phil decided he had had enough of Darrell and needed to take a vacation. Just kidding Phil! But I think Darrell had a better time fishing with his wife Kim, even though she complained about not fishing where she wanted to. Sounds familiar!

Seems there were only two places in the lake that had fish. Frank and Colleen, and Jim and Mike were on those two spots.

First Place with total weight of 17.68 lbs. goes to Frank and Colleen Mackin.

Second Place with total weight of 15.66lbs. goes to Jim Fesperman and Mike Touchton who also had big fish weighing 4.58lbs.

With seven teams we had a 100% payout for first place and second place recieved gift certificate. Big bass also was paid.

Next tournament will be June 27th on Lake Minnehaha with alternate Crooked Lake. Hope to see everybody at the ramp. Ramp directions to be posted soon.

Last but not least we are all wishing Bill Coker a speedy recovery. I heard rumors he was talking to a few teams during the tournament and funny thing is Frank and Colleen were waring red hats.

I am sure you all miss Phil’s newsletter humor and his play by play on his and Darrell’s fishing day so just be patient, he will return next tournament Just kidding again Phil! We all appreciate all you do.

Please Call Phil if any questions or concerns  727-410-2239



Lake Reedy 4/24/09

Sunday, May 10th, 2009


Could we please have a maoment of silence.


OK it has happened. The Mackin Express has been derailed and it was on little ole Lake Reedy. We knew it could happen but I would never guess it would be on Lake Reedy. So it took Dennis and Karl and a HOT HOT HOT Lake Reedy to put an end to the Mackin Express.

When I say HOT HOT HOT Lake Reedy, I mean fishing hot. We launched at 0622 hours and by 0640 we had our first keeper in the boat, a nice two pounder. Then by 0712 we had a limit, all about the same size and it didn’t stop there. I say we caught over 25 bass and had only 4 that were not keepers. The one thing we didn’t have was that big ole kicker that I knew Dennis and Karl had, because I saw them catch it.

Lake Reedy was really really fun and normally I hate this lake. This tournament was one of the best we had in a long time. Everyone caught fish and it was a wonderful day on the lake.

We had only 5 teams show up for the tournament, so that means we had our first ever winner take all. Of course we still have big bass, but there was no payout for second and third.

It looked like a few teams woke up and remembered how to fish. I know Karl told me, ” this was the best day fishing that Dennis and I had in a long time ” We better look out it might be the start of something?

I know that Darrell and I have been in a zero mode the last two events but we will bounce back. It was nice to see Greg and Tom up in the top three. I know Tom made a comment before we launched about remembering how to fish.

Like I said we had 5 teams show up for the tournament on Lake Reedy. We had 4 teams with 5 fish limits and one team with 4 fish

5th Place with 4 fish for 5.22 pounds : Mike Burgun / Steve Holmes

4th Place with 5 fish for 8.20 pounds: Frank and Colleen Mackin

3rd Place with 5 fish for 8.55pounds: Greg Derosa / Tom Pritchard

2nd Place with 5 fish for 9.96 pounds: Phil Mansfield / Darrell Pacquin

1st Place with 5 fish for 17.90 pounds: Dennis Smith / KarlSundstrom

BIG BASS with a beauty at 7.90 pounds : Dennis Smith / Karl Sundstrom

Congratulations to everyone that showed up and especially our winners.

Our next tournament will be on 5/23/09, West Lake Toho “ONLY” out of Southport ramp.

Based on the votes of the lakes for the rest of the 2009 year, it goes like this:

May 23rd.  West Lake Toho ONLY   / Alligator Lake as alternate

June 27th. Minnehaha (ramp to be announced)  Crooked as ALT.

July 25th. Lake Marion (Bannon Fish Camp) June in Winter as ALT.

August 22nd. Lake Kissimmee (Hwy 60 ramp) Lake Rousseau as ALT.

Sept. 26th. John’s Lake ( county ramp off 50) Harris Chain as ALT 

Oct. 24th. Lake Pierce ( Jennings )  Aalligator Lake as ALT.

2009 Classic: in April 2010: Okeechobee. Alternate for Classic will be St. John’s River.

I have checked some of the other clubs that fish the same weekend as we do and so far there is not a conflict.

The reason for the alternate lake is because of low water or a suprise tournament.

So Once Again Our Next Tournament is May 23rd., 2009 West Lake Toho

“ONLY” See You At Tghe Ramp

Phil Mansfield 727-410-2239