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March Newsletter

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Lake Tarpon, March 28th 2009

Who, What, When or Where will the Mackin Express be derailed?

Yes folks, the Mackin Fishing Express is rolling right along and where it stops no one knows. But I will go out on a limb and a very thin and narrow limb to put it into writing and this is a guarantee, the Mackin Express Will Not Win The Classic!

You ask , how can he say that? Well let me tell you how. Because they are not going !

The weather conditions on Lake Tarpon started out windy and some waves. By the time we had to get to the weigh in there were hurrican winds and high rollers on the lake. The fishing was slow and the bite was early and the waves were crashing into and over the boat. I hurt so bad Saturday night from being bounced around, it wasn’t funny.

This year fishing so far has been really strange and for the second tournamnet in a row Darrell and I zeroed and for the second tounament in a row Dick and Frank have weighed in fish. I think they are stealing our spots.

Despite the weather and slow fishing, everyone else did manage to weigh in at least one fish. There were a total of 28 bass weighed in and a total of four 5 fish limits.


Third place with a total of 5 fish and 9.3 pounds was Dennis Smith and Karl ” The Beaver ” Sundstrom.

Second place with a total of 5 fish and 10.2 pounds was Mike Burgun and Steve Holmes.

First place , once again, with a total of 5 fish and 13.3 pounds was “The Macin Express” Frank and Colleen Mackin.

Bigg Bass went to the team of Godwin Abele and Mike Taylor with a total weight of 4.81 pounds.

Congratulations To All The Winners!


The Classic will be this coming weekend on the St. Johns River. We will have a meeting Saturday night with a little something special. For the ones that are going, we will be picking the rest of the lakes for 2009.


Well I hope to see everyone at the Classic and for you Frank, well what can I say. Have fun, be safe and enjoy the fishing with the FLW on Lake Eufaula, cause you ain’t taking no money from us this weekend.


See You At The Ramp!

Phil Mansfield         


OOOOH BY THE WAY, Welcome Back Keith Burden! Its about time you Knucklehead.